From prohibition to cocktails

Here at our boutique distillery in the Barossa Valley, Black Cat Gins are hand crafted in small batches using 100% Australian grape spirit and our unique fusion of botanicals.

Capturing the glamour of the 1920s era, let these classic gins channel your favourite flapper or Great Gatsby character.

Whether you are in your Roaring 20s, 30s, 40s or beyond - shake, stir or serve with Jazz.

It's all about the gin

Here at Black Cat Distillery, it’s all about the gin!   

It’s both a personal and professional quest, from growing the raw product right through to processing and distillation.  The Black Cat Gin team is made up of one-part viticulturist and one-part distiller.  Our technical and industry backgrounds give us the expertise, skill and passion to tackle the myriad of challenges that crop up yet keep that clear focus on the goal - to produce classic, handcrafted, small batch gins that people enjoy drinking.  

Ultimately, we like drinking the fruits of our labour and looking back, it seems obvious that once we had the time and space, we would want to distil our own version of our favourite spirit.  So from our original path in the wine industry, it was logical to step onto the opposite ‘railway track’ and create Black Cat Gin.

Spending our days at the commercial coal face of the wine/spirit industries, we are often knee deep in the raw ingredients.  Our downtime lets us take these elements and distil them with our favourite herbs, spices and fruits to craft the Black Cat Gin blends.

Some of the waste produced by the wine industry can be re-harvested to create pure grape spirit.  And so, for us, gin is as much about industry sustainability as it is about adding value to create something deliciously unique.

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Diane & Steve

Distillery Dogs 2021 Calendar

You like hot dogs? This calendar is for you!

Yes, you can purchase the 2021 Distillery Dogs Calendar when ordering a 3-pack of our Gin. Mr October is our very own Archimedes.

For the small fee of $20 you'll receive a classy calendar for next year. You're also supporting RSPCA South Australia at the same time.

Archimedes SOLD OUT

Archimedes is our ‘martini gin’ - a savoury blend infused with green olives.

Please note that there is limited stock of this gin. If you're seeing this message get in quick because it's still available.

As fans of the great mathematician we believe that not only mathematics but also ‘GIN reveals its secrets only to those who approach it with pure love for its own beauty’. This blend can walk the talk as a classic G&T or add a splash of vermouth and VOILA – a smooth but dirty martini! Shaken or stirred, this blend is undeniably one for the GIN-thusiast.

Tasting notes

A savoury, sweet nose with herbaceous notes and lemon myrtle adding zest. Flavours crisp and clean, well balanced between the savoury backdrop and fresh green olives. Soft texture with a dry, smooth finish, long on the palate.


Enjoy the charm of the sloe berries as they disentangle from the lively botanicals in this elegant dry gin.

Serving suggestion

Keep it simple with tonic and slice of your favourite citrus - lemon, lime or grapefruit.

Tasting notes

  • A challenge to the nose, in a positive manner. Well put together with fresh and lively botanicals, not overbearing and has a broad background of sloe/juniper.
  • Flavour profile seems to spread slowly over the palate and has an intriguing fullness with a complex, seamless finish.
  • Very slow to diminish, the botanicals slowly unwind and deconstruct themselves and can reveal themselves with patience.

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Classic style gin with a vibrant, perfumed bouquet which delivers an intricate blend of botanicals to every glass.

Serving suggestion

Team with your favourite tonic and a twist of citrus, slice of ginger, fresh strawberries or cucumber.

Tasting notes

  • A typical old English style gin with a vibrant perfumed nose. Nice sharpness that carries onto the palate. Opens up very quickly to show a complex blend of botanicals on the mouth wall.
  • Put together with a good overall mouth feel – lot of depth and well-constructed.
  • Long lasting finish which slowly devolves leaving one wanting to investigate further.

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For ‘drinking outside the square’ this blend tips its hat to the legendary OUZO. An ideal aperitif – crafted to revive the mood and palate.

Serving suggestion

Purists will enjoy this super-chilled and served neat. For the rest of us, Monstera is crying out for fresh mint and your favourite mixer.

Tasting notes

  • A bold nose of black liquorice with hints of juniper. Initially echoed by the palate, this transforms gently into sweet, woody star anise. As the anise devolves, cardamom and coriander make their entrance, sit and linger.
  • Finish is wonderfully long, full and mouth-watering.
  • A well-crafted gin with great botanical ratios, ideal for promoting contemplation.

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A zesty revolution for ALL the senses. Alive with citrus notes from the nose through to the palate, Tango will hit the refresh button.

Serving suggestion

Tonic with a splash of soda, drop in some mint, green olives or a sprig of rosemary.

Tasting notes

  • Very surprising with non-typical nose. Good uplifting zesty start with usual gin background. However, this does make one think, especially after tasting.
  • Great palate and as an exception the nose actually transforms to the mouth.
  • Perfect on a hot, humid day.

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Black Cat Gin is packaged in cute yet robust cardboard boxes – 3 X 350ml per pack which makes them the perfect gift. Bottles are safe inside a sturdy airbag which fits neatly into the box so they arrive in pristine condition.

The 3-pack is the ideal way to try a selection of our blends or stock up on your favourites.

Simply click on the ORDER button below, complete the order form and provide your credit card details. Your order will be processed automatically and shipped to you.

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